PHC Dr. Misra has implemented several quality improvement projects throughout 2016 and into 2017.  The practice worked to improve in the following areas:

  • Decrease in number of patients in need of a Pneumovax vaccination – improved scores by 15%. 
  • Decrease in number of patients in need of a Prevnar vaccination – improved scores by 19%. 
  • Focus on ensuring that all diabetic patients have an A1C <8. 
  • Worked to get women scheduled for their mammograms.
  • Focus on decreasing high blood pressure (BP = 140/90 or more) with a staggering 98% of population achieving blood pressure control.
  • Focus to decrease the number of diabetic patients need their mocrolbumin checked– improved percentage of patients by 23%
  • Focus on getting patients in for their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit– improved percentage of patients needing Annual Wellness Exams by 5%.
  • Focused on cost reduction, by making generic medications available to patients
  • Opened up daily same day appointment slots, to allow patients to get appointments in a timely manner when needed for sick/urgent visits.
  • Implemented a Care Coordination department staffed with nurses and a clinical team.  Their role is to reach out to patients by phone in-between their visits to the office, working with patients to help them meet their health goals (lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, increasing exercise, weight loss, etc.).
  • Worked to reduce hospital readmissions by partnering with care coordination to ensure patients received calls after discharge from the hospital to check on them and to get them scheduled for a follow-up appointment at the office.
  • Conducted patient satisfaction survey to learn best what patients would like to see improved within the practice.   The team worked hard and had significant improvements in the following areas:
    • Returning Phone Calls
    • Getting Through on the Phone
    • Friendliness of Staff
    • Waiting time in Exam room

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